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Gorgeous banjara cross body tote handmade with embroidered vintage Kutch textiles from the state of

Gujarat in northwest India. These bags are made by a 4th-generation family of tailors in Gujarat and



Every tote is one of a kind with different patterns and textiles. These textiles are 50++ years old

so please expect a vintage look with subsequent imperfections. This new style is rare in that each

side is a full piece of embroidery (not patchwork). Large pieces of vintage Indian textile are

becoming more difficult to find. Every piece exemplifies the art of superior craftsmanship. If you

have been to the boutiques in SoHo, NYC or LA you know these totes can retail upwards of $800.

Get yours today!


History traces the origin of Kutch work embroidery back to mochas of India, the community of

shoemakers, who used to work on royal textiles and decorative objects. It is also believed that this

unique style of embroidery was brought about by Kathi cattle breeders, a group of wanderers

associated with Karna of the Mahabharat, who eventually settled down to produce the characteristic

fine needlework displaying a plethora of patterns, mirror work, moods and themes.

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