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Bed sheet/tapestry making involve 2 kind of process. First is screen printing and other is paper sketch.

In screen prints once we have decide and make sketch of a design we forward it to screen manufacturers and they make screens accordingly  to design.

Screens are made according to colors a particular design have. For example a complete Tapestry is made of total 4 colors then in total 4 screens are there for 1 design.


In sketch once design is finalized it is given to flex laser printers who print these designs on big paper (copier paper) . After that these papers are used for printing designs on sheets manually. In this process each and every color is filled by paint brushes only.


The one which I am sharing exact process now is totally handmade.



First we need to decide which color base we want. If it is white/ivory then we used raw fabric as it is. If it is of any other color like blue/black/green/orange then it is died first.

We usually die most common color like black/blue in advance but as I have to explain exact process therefore I died white again.


White sheet is dipped in hot water and stirred for around 5-10 minute. We have many dying colors in powdered form which is used for dying. In most of case color we want is available is powdered form but sometime we have to mix 2-3 colors to get desired results.


Once its is done it is kept under sun for drying purpose. After  this sheet is ready for our artwork.


Next step is to print the entire big design on the sheet. These designs are made on cloth manually using copier papers which is made through flex printers.


We keep the complete cloth on a table and fix it via pins and wax so that it doesn’t move during art and craft work.


Next thing is to make colors which we need. Colors are usually readily available and called as cloth printing colors.

 Sometime we need to add little fevicol ( adhesive brand in here) and that too depend on weather.

If it is little cold weather then only, if it is sunshine and warm weather then no need.


Now we start filling the colors in the design which we have print on cloth using sketch paper.

 Only one color is filled at a time in entire tapestry. First coat of colors is filled fast as we are making base.


After first coat is done then it is kept for drying under sun as shown in pictures.Once color is completely dried it is then put in a tub of liquid which Is a mixture of water and fabric dullness remover and shiner.You can see the difference between shine of two tapestry on table as one is treated with shiner and other is not. Again it is kept for drying before second coat of color is applied on it.


The difference in shining before and after treating with liquid is huge .It actually bring freshness to fabric  and make color more vibrant and rich, black looks more black and white more white as shown along,  though fabric shrink a little and that is the only reason that second coat is done after fabric is shrinked.


In second coat we do it using a small paint brush to give final finish.I have also shown pictures of other tapestry and bed sheet which we are about to make after it.You can see in picture my workshop member doing hand block print on running fabric.


Once final coat is done then again it treated with shining spirit in big drum and kept for drying under sun on ground or ropes as shown.After that it is quality checked  as this is priority as you can see by reviews by my shop has.Later it is  send  for border stitching as shown. After it is done we fold and pack these sheets in a stack as shown along with other bed sheet as shown.


Though it is a very simple and basic process but it is very minute and time consuming process as each and every detail need to be taken care of. 

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October 21, 2016

Kiaora i am from new zealand, i think everything you make is so beautiful, i would like to know do you use vegan dyes.

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